Right to Inspection/Access to Personal Data

How can I check whether my personal data is handled properly?

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Camera surveillance in the workplace

Can my employer use hidden cameras?

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Camera surveillance at school

Is a school allowed to use a camera’s?

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About the Commission

The Commission Supervision Personal Data Protection BES (the Commission) is an independent supervisory authority charged with overseeing personal data processing in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act BES (PDPA BES). Created in April 2014, the Commission is also charged with supervising the processing of police data and the BES Personal Data Records in the Caribbean Netherlands.

Personal data protection and the Commission itself are still in their infancy in the Caribbean Netherlands. This is why the Commission has decided to concentrate its efforts in the first two or three years on education and on raising awareness about personal data protection. Next, the Commission will start the supervision phase, during which audits may be conducted.

The Commission is working to make people and organizations on the islands aware of their responsibility for careful treatment of personal data.