The Commission is charged with monitoring whether organizations comply with statutory rules and regulations on personal data use. There are many laws, decrees, and regulations governing personal data processing. The three laws supervised by the Commission are:

• Personal Data Protection Act BES (PDPA BES);
• Police Records Act;
• Act on BES Personal Records in the Caribbean Netherlands.

Personal Data Protection Act BES(PDPA BES)
The Personal Data Protection Act BES (PDPA BES) provides the main rules for dealing with personal data in the Caribbean Netherlands.

Police Records Act
The police uses all sorts of personal data required to properly fulfill its duties, e.g. to investigate perpetrators of criminal offenses. Personal data protection by the police is regulated in the Police Records Act (PRA).

Act on BES Personal Records in the Caribbean Netherlands
A well-functioning population registry in the Caribbean Netherlands is regulated in the BES Personal Records Act. The population register includes personal data of the inhabitants of the Caribbean Netherlands. The BES Personal Records Act regulates the proper use of these data, including the procedure for recording, altering, and disclosing them.