Camera Surveillance in and around Homes

Cameras may be installed in and around homes to protect properties and occupants. This is not forbidden, but it is subject to conditions.

Conditions for Camera Surveillance
Watching the whole street crosses the line. In the streets, surveillance is reserved to the police.

The front doors of other homes are also off-limits. Cameras should be aimed so that they do not record the inside of any home.

In addition, it should be clear that there is camera surveillance, e.g. by means of a sign or a sticker. This sign or sticker should state who is responsible for the camera surveillance.

Can my neighbor install a camera around his or her home?

Yes, this is allowed. It is not forbidden to protect a home with camera surveillance. If you feel that your neighbor’s camera affects your privacy, there are a number of things you can do.

It is relevant whether the camera is recording. If your neighbor just watches without recording anything, the Personal Data Protection Act BES (PDPA BES) does not apply. If your neighbor does make recordings for himself but does not publish them, the PDPA BES does not apply, either.
Therefore, the Personal Data Protection Supervisory Commission cannot help you in this sort of situations. This does not mean, however, that such a camera cannot constitute an invasion of your privacy.

Stalking with a Camera
If you suspect that your neighbor is stalking you with his or her camera, you should talk to him or her about it. If you and your neighbor cannot sort things out, you can also file a report with the police for stalking.

Finally, you can go to court, with the help of a lawyer.